Friday, August 6, 2010

Phoebe, oh Phoebe

This is my favorite photo of my most favorite cat. She got sick a little over three years ago and went into a diabetic coma. It was horrible. I was told to let her go because she was in such bad shape. I didn't. I couldn't. And she lived for two full years before she took a walk into the cornfield (I surmise) and didn't return. She spent two full years taking great command over our entire household in so many ways. Not least of which was the fact that she required insulin shots each morning and each evening.

She had personality and was real ham. She was soft and became very tiny...just a bag of bones...and then she'd fatten up. She had a purr that would rival a motorboat's and I miss her. This is the photo that seems to mean the most to me and I hope you can find her in this too.

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