Saturday, July 17, 2010

Architecture, historic home, decor, interior design

Over the years I've become increasingly interested in the architecture in this area. It may be the grand or the humble, but mostly the humble. Little buildings on the side of the road have intrigued me and many of them have met their demise much to my chagrin. Nonetheless I've photographed for years and years and have a reasonable record of many that no longer grace our side roads.
In addition to these buildings I also enjoy taking photos of interiors. This is useful for real estate, but in a way it is just a continuation of all that I have done professionally. When I worked in Manahattan in the late 1970s and 1980s I worked in architect and design-related fields and so there was regular analysis of what worked and didn't work for a space and often these ideas come to mind when I'm photographing a space. For that reason I wanted to put up a handful of interiors along the way with my photography, for they are important too, to my work.
This shot is at a home that I had listed for a dear friend who did the most wonderful things with her interiors. Every detail was just gorgeous to behold and going through the house and taking vignettes provided me with so many opportunities to collect beautiful images it was amazing.

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