Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Poison ivy barn

This barn is no longer standing. I took photos of it over the years and found that at this point it was just about gone. Totally covered with poison ivy and leaning precipitously, it lasted only a couple more weeks. Now, where it stood, there isn't even a pile of rubble. It has all been carted off.
This isn't the first time that a barn I felt strongly about disappeared. I think the first time I really kicked myself over taking (or not taking) a photo was of that beautiful barn off to your right as you drove across Broaddus Flats toward Richmond. That was years ago that it stood out there in the field, and it is long gone. I never stopped. I always thought there'd be another day, and there wasn't. I missed the opportunity.
Another barn that I loved and lost was one here at Naylors. I photographed it for years and one day after a very strong wind storm my husband said, it's going to go-- it's defying gravity. So I went down the road and over the little bridge at Cat Point and I photographed it--not that I believed him really. So the next day as I was driving home, he called me on my cellphone and said, don't drive off the road. Your barn is gone, and it was. Tomorrow I'll post that one. Both the poison ivy barn and the Naylors barn truly defied gravity even if just for a few brief moments.

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