Friday, July 30, 2010

An extraordinary morning moment, just this week

In the summer I find it far more challenging to take photos. The light seems to be so flat. The colors seem to be rather intense and so there is little in the subtle world that I tend to enjoy to photograph that reveals itself. Then again it may be that I'm just not getting up early enough in the morning, or I'm not driving later in the evening.

One day this week I was up at before the crack of dawn and on my walk took my camera with the hopes that there would be something to shoot. The cloud formations looked promising and so over to the little bridge by Cat Point Creek I went.

There was a man in his canoe out there fishing. He had that whole world to himself. The sun started to come up, but before it was fully present I took a series of shots. Last evening I sent this both to my sister and to a good friend. What I called it was "gorgeous," and that seems fitting. Not that my photo is the gorgeous thing but that the world was gorgeous at this moment.

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